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Plastic Surgery Booming in Asia

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 8, 2008

asianWhile many Americans cut back on luxury expenses such as plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements during the economic downturn, residents of other parts of the world are jumping into the latest plastic surgery trends at a record rate.

Asia and some parts of Europe have historically been home to low-cost procedures and going to the doctor’s office for the latest cosmetic procedure is becoming a popular trend in consumer culture abroad.  According to a recent story in Asia, more Asians are turning to cosmetic surgery as the influneces of the West continue to filter into China, Japan and parts of Indonesia.

Some of the most popular Western procedures such as Botox and breast augmentation are becoming highly sought-after procedures in the East as more Asians attempt to change certain features that are not typically found in their genetic makeup.  However, some patients aren’t just doing it for looks; many people who want to show off their wealth are prepared to pay exorbitant prices just to prove that they can afford to pay for the beauty ideal.

However, the dangers of low-cost procedures administered by inexperienced or unlicensed surgeons is one of the biggest risk factors of having surgery in the capital cities of Asia.  Even in cities such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, plastic surgeons are taking advantage of increasing consumer demand by cutting prices to attarct more patients to their facility, but then performing procedures that put the patient at risk. reports that over 200,000 lawsuits against cosmetic surgeons have been filed in the past decade in China alone.

The thriving plastic and cosmetic surgery market abroad is also attracting Westerners interested in medical tourism, giving price-conscious Americans a chance to go on vacation and get their procedures at the fraction of the cost of the procedure alone in the U.S. or Canada.


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