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Editorial Staff of Swedish Magazine Go Under the Knife for Article

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 7, 2008

dorian_03_mediumWant your job to pay you for your next cosmetic surgery procedure?  Join an editorial team that covers the latest lifestyle and fitness news so you can be first in line for the latest treatments.

Staff members at Dorian Magazine, a commercial lifestyle magazine for gay men based out of Sweden, have gone under the knife to write about some of the latest cosmetic surgery operations.  The issue covering the theme of superficiality in the modern world hit newsstands in Sweden in Norway in late November, and has already generated controversy and debates about how far journalists and editors can – and should go – to tell a compelling story.

Benjamin Falk, the editor-in-chief of the Dorian explains that the move was entirely for the readers:

“In every commercial magazine there are pictures and advertisements which have been retouched. Editors-in-chief who deny this are hypocrites. In particular when one is trying to promote a healthy and natural ideal in a politically correct way, while at the same time as they themselves get operated upon.” (Source:

The editorial team underwent several procedures to provide their in-depth reports and summaries of the experience for the latest issue. Each candidate was given a ‘mini makeover’ so that they could learn about the process of undergoing cosmetic surgery and literally put themselves in the shoes of prospective cosmetic surgery patients. Procedures covered included facial liposuction, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, muscle enhancement surgery and a facelift, and each team member had the opportunity to share their perspectives in the latest issue.

Jason Fell blogs about the subject on Folio Mag, suggesting that the Swedish magazine ‘has taken experiential journalism to a new extreme…going under the knife for a magazine story seems, well, excessive, but I guess getting some work done on the boss’ bill can’t be all bad.”

Still, Benjamin Falk encourages prospective patients to look beyond the superficial if they are trying to find a ‘cure’ for self-esteem problems; “I absolutely recommend it to people who want to freshen up their looks a little, but people shouldn’t believe that plastic surgery will change one’s life if they are not already happy and feel good about themselves.”


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