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Wrinkle Filler Side Effects More Common Than Expected

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 2, 2008

While many licensed dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use only the recommended amounts of injectables for each patient, some turn to ‘off label’ products and treatments to offer their own unique approach to skin rejuvenation procedures.  Unfortunately, this is leading to adverse side effects and even irreversible damage that in many cases, does not even get reported at the right time.

The FDA has recently been investigating the potential side effects of dermal fillers after receiving nearly 1,000 negative reports from consumers who had jumped into the latest ‘Liquid Facelift’ or other injectable filler treatment.

The FDA panel of medical experts reports that some of the most common side effects of wrinkle fillers include an allergic reaction, infection, pain, blisters and migration of the injection to another area of the face.  While some of these side effects can be controlled with medication and the compression of a heat or ice pack, some people may experience a more adverse reaction such as blurred vision, disfigurement or even a heart attack.

Some of today’s most popular dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Artefill offer immediate results, and the makers of these products to report very few side effects.  however, this is only the case when the doctor is administering the recommended amount of the injection.  Many patients do not realize that doctors may increase the dosage at their discretion, which can result in an ‘overdose’ or adverse side effects.

To reduce this health hazard and risk, the FDA may soon be releasing a mandate that requires extensive product labeling of all dermal fillers, and tighter controls on the distribution of these products.

Until then, consumers are encouraged to take a proactive role with their treatment plan by making sure their dermatologist or anti-aging doctor has had positive experiences with their dermal filler treatment plans, and read about their chosen injectable to make sure they understand all of the risks and side effects.


One Response to “Wrinkle Filler Side Effects More Common Than Expected”

  1. Sue Ibrahim said

    I am concerned that many doctors do not receive adiquate training in the practice of injecting dermal fillers.
    Sue Ibrahim

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