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LypoSlim Promises to Shed Inches Without Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 24, 2008

While millions of women continue to pursue liposuction and body contouring treatments to get rid of excess body fat and tighten up the skin, many turn to non-invasive spa treatments such as body wraps to lose inches after just one session.

Body wraps are typically made with ingredients that boost circulation and tighten up the skin, and may help create a smoother, sculpted appearance. Treatments include clay, mineral and herbal extracts applied to the skin so that the body can begin releasing toxins naturally.

The makers of the LyopSlim Body Wrap claim that their clients lose several inches – up to 9 inches – after just one session.  The LypoSlim Body Wrap is made with botanical ingredients including chickweed, papaya, green tea and crocus flower and works by increasing circulation and reducing  water retention in the body.

The LypoSlim Body Wrap is different than standard clay and herbal body treatments available at the spa because it involves a heat-wrapping step.  Most body wraps at the spa that promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite or get rid of excess water weight simply increase circulation so that the patient can sweat out toxins through the pores.

However, the LypoSlim body wrap involves soaking strips of cotton towels in the mixture, heating up the towel and then wrapping the solution around the patient before covering them with micron foil.  This generates a significant amount of heat in just 40 minutes, resulting in a deeper detoxification process and rapid loss of excess water weight.

The concentrated formula and treatment is now appearing at medical spas and day spas across the country, and may be a valuable alternative to surgery for many. Results may be further improved with non-invasive body contouring treatments such as VelaShape and Thermage which help to tighten and tone loose skin in the long-term.


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  1. This is a very interesting stuff. I will use your tips. Hope to hear more from you.

    -Alexis Scott

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