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LipoDissolve Injections Now Available for Purchase Online

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 21, 2008

lipodissolveLipoDissolve continues to be one of the most sought-after fat reduction treatments for many men and women who want to lose the ‘baby fat’ and trim down without surgery.  However, consumers can now take things into their own hands by purchasing the LipoDissolve injections online.

Websites such as have made Lipodissolve injections available for purchase over the Internet, providing consumers with all of the injections and chemical mixtures needed to inject themselves.  The Zipmed website offers information about how the procedure works, and why the PCDC cocktail will help break down fat easily.

LipoDissolve treatments available from a licensed surgeon are promoted as ‘fat melting’ treatments that involve injecting a mixture of phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholate (PCDC), enzymes, vitamins and other herbal ingredients directly into the skin to help break down fat cells.

The Zipmed website further states that, Lipo dissolve is a permanent solution. Once the fat is dissolved away, it will not return. However, to maintain the results, we encourage all patients to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle to avoid weight gain.”

Consumers can purchase a 10-week treatment kit for $540; it contains the PCDC formula, anesthetic cream, syringes, meso-needles and step-by-step instructions to perform the procedure.

But how safe is it to inject yourself with the powerful, pharmaceutical-grade compounds?

LipoDissolve was heavily marketed as ‘FDA approved’, but the FDA has only approved the phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholate (PCDC) in each mixture – and not the entire ‘fat melting cocktail’ that many consumers previously assumed. The Lipolysis Lipostabil Fat Dissolving Injections product available through Zipmed does not have any formal approval from doctors or surgeons, and there are only a handful of testimonials from ‘satisfied customers’ on theweb site.

LipoDissolve has been making waves in the cellulite reduction and fat loss industry since it appeared on the market, but has come under scrutiny as more people experience negative results from the procedure.  Negative outcomes of the procedure – even those completed at the doctor’s office – include painful swelling and bruising, hard lumps forming under the skin, and excessive pain with little or no results.

Consumers who perform the treatment on themselves do not have any guarantee of safety or results.


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