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The Real Deal on ‘Botox Fridays’ Specials

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 17, 2008

saleDiscounts, coupons and low-cost multi procedure packages are entering the realm of plastic and cosmetic surgery as more surgeons search for ways to attract and retain new patients. The state of the economy has put many personal investments on hold, giving people fewer chances to spend freely on luxury purchases such as cosmetic and plastic procedures.  As a result, plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are now becoming a commodity purchase, an item to buy only after hunting for the latest coupons or searching for the best-priced package deal.

Star News Online reports that Dr. Don Mehrabi, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, is offering a weekly ‘Botox Friday’s special by slashing Botox treatment prices by as much as 30 percent. Other facial and plastic surgeons are promoting ‘markdowns’ on services and special 2-for-1 deals that may encourage patients to bring a friend or family member along for the latest fix. (Source: Star News Online)

The trend is picking up around the country as more doctors look for ways to attract new patients and keep business booming during the tough economic times.  Some offer flyers and coupons via circulars in the local community newspaper, while others just open up ‘online specials’ and certificates for patients to print and download when booking their consultation.

But is price-cutting really necessary for this competitive services industry?  Some people frown upon the ‘Wal-Marting of cosmetic surgery’, stating that  doctors may be devaluing their products and services by extending such discounts.  Teresa McNulty of Modern Medicine points out the role of perception when considering plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, suggesting that

“To those physicians who already decry the gulf the public perceives between cosmetic surgery and “real medicine” itself, some tactics may actually be toxic to the “brand.” (Source:


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