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Larger Breasts a Common Side Effect of Liposuction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 5, 2008

Millions of women pursue liposuction each year to get rid of stubborn body fat and restore their youthful figure after pregnancy or mild weight gain. Some surgeons are now reporting that liposuction may have a secondary benefit; larger breasts.

Since the body adjusts to its ‘set point’ weight when it detects weight loss – even a few pounds – it may begin to store fat in other areas of the body.  For a woman of normal weight, the excess fat removed may result in a situation of ‘fat reassignment’ where the body begins to store fat in other areas of the body, especially the breasts. The breasts are typically most responsive to weight loss and weight gain in women, but fat storage is also largely influenced by genetic disposition.  Some women may experience weight gain around their hips, buttocks, inner thighs or possibly their stomach, depending on where liposuction was performed and how their body typically gains and distributes extra weight.

Dr. Bill Johnson from Innovations Med Spa in Dallas, Texas reports that nearly 50 per cent of his female patients have bigger breasts after their liposuction procedure.  This may be most significant for those who have considered undergoing breast augmentation or a breast lift to further enhance their figure after liposuction; in many cases, the patient will only need to wait between 6 months to a year to see a noticeable increase in breast size after their fat removal procedure.

Liposuction continues to be one of the most effective methods for permanent fat removal, and liposuction techniques have become increasingly more precise and even safer than a decade ago, allowing the surgeon to effectively remove fatty tissue without disturbing surrounding tissues and nerves. Today’s options include SmartLipo (laser-assisted lipo), ultrasound liposuction and the conventional tumescent techniques. Many doctors use a combination of different techniques to achieve the most natural, sculpted look for each patient.

As Dr. Johnson points out, liposuction may have other benefits for patients interested in creating their ‘ideal figure.’


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