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Acupuncture Breast Enlargement Offers Holistic Alternative to Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 4, 2008

Breast enlargement procedures that involve saline or silicone breast implants can be fairly extensive surgical procedures that require weeks and months of recovery.  The extent of surgery varies by each individual’s needs, and many women experience a significant amount of pain and stress during and after the procedure.

Some holistic health practitioners are offering an alternative approach to breast enhancement using acupuncture therapy; the Acupuncture Breast Enlargement treatment makes use of ‘AcuAids’ that promise to ‘reprogram the mind and body to enlarge the breasts.’

According to Dr. William Schneider, the physician and acupuncturist that developed the AcuAids product, the body responds to therapeutic sound waves and frequencies that help to enhance the breasts naturally.  The AcuAids are powerful patches that are placed on the body’s breast enlarging points to stimulate breast growth and bring the body into balance. Dr. Schneider’s website outlines how AcuAids work:

AcuAids therapy is considered a non-medical procedure combining the affects of acupuncture, neuroprogramming and hypnosis.  Treatment with AcuAids acupuncture therapy helps to promote the increase in blood flow to the breast tissue. Treatment with hypnosis and neuroprogramming helps you to subconsciously focus your mind’s power to increase blood flow and enlarge the size of your breasts. (Source:

Is acupuncture for breast enlargement just a hoax?  Health practitioners continue to explore the benefits of acupuncture therapy and how it can be used to improve circulation in the body and restore the body’s natural energy levels.

Still, science has yet to confirm whether a combination of acupuncture, hypnosis and neuroprogramming can trigger the production of skin or organ tissues.

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