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Hollywood Casting Agents Support the Botox Backlash

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 14, 2008

While millions of men and women line up for lunchtime BOTOX treatments to get their anti-aging fix, some celebrities and Hollywood professionals are steering clear of the anti-wrinkle jabs in hopes of making the cut at the next audition.

In a recent press release from The Harley Medical Group, a leading UK cosmetic surgery group that conducts studies on cosmetic surgery trends, analysts found that:

“Whereas Hollywood starlets would once opt for a more natural youthful look they are now in danger of looking suspiciously crease free to the point where their faces can look frozen…surgeons strongly recommend that patients opt for smaller doses of Botox to prevent this ‘startled look’ and have been advised to refrain from treating people who are considered to be undertaking a superfluous number of treatments.”

Is it really time to say bye-bye to BOTOX?

BOTOX was the top nonsurgical prcoedure for both men and women in 2007, accounting for nearly 3 million procedures, almost double the number for other wrinkle fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.

Hollywood hopefuls are still heading to the BOTOX clinic, only this year they’re requesting a lighter version with smaller doses and fewer sessions during the treatment plan.

Still, there are alternatives for those who don’t want to achieve the super-artifical look.  Getting rid of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes may still be possible with a series of microdermabrasion treatments, laser skin resurfacing and other facial skin tightening procedures such as Refirme and Titan.


One Response to “Hollywood Casting Agents Support the Botox Backlash”

  1. Hillary Powell said

    Botox indeed has been a very popular anti ageing fix. Too much of even the good things can become bad, so it’s only natural that things have slowed down. As a Lifestyle Lift representative we advice our clients to meet us for a free consultation ( so that we can guide them on what to expect and what is best for them. The results are always positive for those patients who take an informed decision to these procedures.

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