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Breast Conservation Device Shows Positive Results for Breast Cancer Patients

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 5, 2008

A recent study of breast cancer radiation treatment revealed positive and consistent results with an innovative breast conservation device called SAVI.  The findings of the study were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) in late September, and physicians are excited about the minimal side effects and overall cosmetic results of the treatment.

The SAVI device works by delivering the radiation dose to the cancerous tumor and surrounding tissues, and allows physicians to use a more targeted approach during treatment.  By having more control over where the radiation is distributed, the breast cancer patient may be able to preserve more of their breast and reduce their chance of having the entire breast removed. Delivering high-dose radiation during the early stages of breast cancer may help many breast cancer patients receive the treatment they need in a short period of time and with minimal damage to the breast tissues.

Dr. Constantine Mantz of 21st Century Oncology describes how this radiation treatment works in a recent press release about SAVI:

Our study demonstrated that SAVI provides a well-tolerated therapy for patients who otherwise would not be able to safely undergo treatment with the previously available balloon device, said Dr. Mantz. SAVI offers the physician multiple catheters for radioactive source loading and therefore total control over radiation dose distribution.

Explaining the advantages for both physicians and patients, Dr. Mantz said, I can lightly load catheters near the skin or lung to limit exposure of these sensitive structures. Also, I can heavily load catheters deep within breast tissue, to increase the radiation dose to places where the patient is at risk for harboring microscopic disease. We are very pleased with our clinical outcomes to date with SAVI.

Cosmetic surgery and body contouring procedures offer hope for millions of women who have successfully completed radiation therapy and are in their final stages of recovery from breast cancer.  Breast implants and breast reconstruction surgery allow women to regain their pre-treatment body shape and contours, and may also improve self-esteem in the process.


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