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Doctors Say Silicone Breast Implants Offer Most Natural Results

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 11, 2008

Silicone and saline breast implants continue to be a top choice for women undergoing cosmetic surgery; breast augmentation accounted for nearly 400,000 procedures in 2007 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and this number is only expected to increase over the next decade. Breast implants offer women a chance to improve their silhouette, increase self-esteem and correct any figure imbalances.

Although silicone gel implants came under public scrutiny in the early ’90s, the FDA approved them for use in 2006 and they have since helped many women achieve their ideal figure.

When making the choice between silicone and saline implants, Dr. Tom Pousti, a board-certified plastic surgeon in California offers some advice:

“Saline implants have some advantages over silicone implants. Silicone implant ruptures are harder to detect. When saline implants rupture, they deflate and the results are seen almost immediately. When silicone implants rupture, the breast often looks and feels the same because the silicone gel may leak into surrounding areas of the breast without a visible difference.”

These types of implants also take on a more rounded appearance, which means the actual size selected may not need to be very large.

Still, silicone implants provide more natural results according to Dr. Pousti.


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