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Purlz Tester Implants Makes Choosing Breast Implant Size Easy

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 10, 2008

If you’ve been considering undergoing breast augmentation to enhance your appearance, choosing the right size can be a challenging process. Purlz tester implants have recently entered the market to make choosing the right breast implant size more simple. The Purlz Breast Sizing System involves wearing ‘tester breasts’ made out of polyethylene plastic and pairing them with a sports bra. Together, this can help create the most desirable streamlined look and give the breast augmentation surgeon a more accurate idea of the ideal size based on body type and the overall silhouette achieved with the implants.

The key benefit of trying a system like Purlz is to reduce your need for a breast implant revision procedure. The company behind Purlz outlines the key benefits of using the Purlz Sizing System:

This system is:

  • Comfortable, durable, lightweight and hand-washable
  • Natural in look and feel; is discretely worn under most clothing
  • Made of a microfiber spandex blend fabric filled with 100% polyethylene plastic beads
  • Securely attaches within our hook-and-strap system
  • Unlike the popular ‘Rice Bag’ test, Purlz can be worn with confidence!


Since bad plastic surgery can have several emotional and physical side effects, putting different breast sizes to the test may help many women select the right breast implant size.

And what exactly is the ‘Rice Bag’ test?

According to, the Rice Bag test involves filling up a ziploc bag with 1 cup (250cc) of rice. These ‘implants’ can then be tucked under the bra to create realistic-looking breasts and approximate how large your implants may need to be.


One Response to “Purlz Tester Implants Makes Choosing Breast Implant Size Easy”

  1. Great stuff on Purlz tester implant. This will help women who are looking for breast augmentation surgery to get desired size. If it reduce the chance of breast implant revision procedure it will attract crowd as this benefit will help all. Hope all goes well and Purlz tester implant gets popularity. Know more about the breast augmentation process and its cost visit the link Click here to know more about breast augmentation

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