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Are Cellulite Treatments Too Good to Be True?

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 7, 2008

If you’ve thought about getting rid of cellulite with some of today’s non-invasive procedures, you may already have stumbled across the VelaSmooth system, SmartLipo and other highly-advertised procedures on the market.

Getting rid of cellulite without surgery has been deemed possible by many medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers, procedures that promise to ‘melt’ fat cells, recontour the body and improve the skin’s appearance.  Some of these treatments promote a proven ‘circumferential reduction’ – not necessarily blasting away fat cells – while others are designed to boost circulation and increase collagen production so that the skin appears healthier and more toned.

Critics of these treatments suggest that the cellulite reduction plan is just a hoax.  The Wall Street Journal highlights Dr. Robert A. Weiss’s response to the cellulite trends, indicating that fancy massagers and ‘cellulite-fighting’ treatments do nothing for melting the fat cells or getting rid of cellulite.

Still, industry researchers report that demand for these procedures will exceed $200 million by 2012, and consumers continue to flock to medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers for the latest cellulite fix.

Eleme Medical, the maker of SmoothShapes cellulite treatments explains how the procedure works in this brief video:


One Response to “Are Cellulite Treatments Too Good to Be True?”

  1. Joyce Tan said

    Nice ways to remove Cellulite

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