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Demand for Facial Transplantation Donors on the Rise

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 29, 2008

Maybe you’ve been considering facelift surgery to regain your youthful looks, or a facial rejuvenation procedure that helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles for good.   Heading to the plastic surgeon’s office to improve the contours of your face and tone up the skin is an option for hundreds of baby boomers looking for the ultimate anti aging solution.  Still, some surgeons are trying something different with facial transplants.

Facial transplantation is a controversial procedure that involves transferring facial tissues and compartments from another person to the patient.  The procedure was first performed in France, and is slowly gaining interest in the United States as more surgeons outline the benefits of fresh facial tissue and skin for facial reconstruction and correcting deformaties.

The procedure is already used for patients who have severe disfigurement or have suffered a major injury, but now some plastic surgery and medical centers may soon be offering the procedure as an option for general plastic surgery.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Lloyd Krieger reports that there are several misconceptions about the procedure and a significant level of public resistance.  While it is a fairly extensive procedure, it does not involve replicating the donor’s face and structure; the patient’s original facial structure and contours are preserved and enhanced, and the only transfer is the actual facial tissue. (Source: Los Angeles Plastic Surgery blog)

Still, the only way this procedure would gain waves in the United States is with enough donor participation.


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