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C02Touch Technology Helps Eliminate Cellulite

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 27, 2008

While thousands of women turn to endermologie, laser liposuction and mesotherapy injections to get rid of unsightly fat and cellulite, having a smooth and sculpted figure may be easier with the help of C02 gas.

Since cellulite is caused by ‘trapped’ fatty deposits beneath the skin’s surface, treatments that help loosen the fat and disperse or eliminate the cells entirely are some of the best ways to treat cellulite.

Carboxytherapy is now available at several cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery centers, and involves the administration of carbon dioxide directly under the skin’s surface. The pressure form the gas helps destroy fat cells and tissues, and can even be used to shrink the fat cells so that skin appears smoother, stronger and more supple.

Dr. Lisa Zdinak, an opthalmic plastic surgeon in Manhattan, explains how the C02Touch Carboxytherapy works: “My newest CO2Touch technique delivers the gas in such a manner that I can customize the treatment for each patient to ensure a virtually pain-free experience. I am also seeing more dramatic results sooner with the heated gas and my modified techniques.”

Dr. Zdinak is one of the first cosmetic surgeons in Manhattan to offer this treatment, offering women even more options for getting rid of cellulite and improving their appearance. She prefers to use carboxytherapy because it does not involve injecting foreign substances, compounds and potentially dangerous herbal solutions into the skin. (Source:

Carboxytherapy is also known as the C02Touch Brazilian treatment, Brazilian cellulite reduction treatment, and C02 cellulite treatment.

More information: Cellulite Treatments


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