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Botox at the Mall? Medspas Cater to Shoppers Looking for Anti Aging Treatments

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 19, 2008

Next time you head to the mall, don’t be surprised to stumble across a spa with an extensive menu of services. Many salons and spas are turning into miniature ‘medical spas,’ offering a full array of anti aging services and procedures commonly found at the aesthetic surgery center or the cosmetic surgeon’s offices.

Botox injections, Restylane, and even laser skin resurfacing treatments are popping up at malls and shopping centers across the country, allowing the average mall-goer a chance to settle in for a quick treatment between rounds of shopping.

Psychology Today reports on this trend in ‘Botox Without Borders’, and interviewed Susan Downey, a Santa Monica-based plastic surgeon on her thoughts about these procedures at the mall. “Although “minimally invasive” and “cosmetic” sound benign, Botox is not like getting a haircut. You’re having an injection,” she emphasizes.” (Source: Psychology Today)

For many people who would not otherwise contact a dermatologist or other anti aging specialist for a basic procedure, having access to medical spa services on a shopping trip may prove to be a better option. The national average cost of Botox treatments is $200 – $300, and many medspas also accept patient financing plans.

Still, experts recommend doing research on any medspa or aesthetic enhancement facility, and encourage potential patients to confirm that the spa is overseen by a board-certified surgeon or licensed medical professional.

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