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Breast Enhancement Gum – An Alternative to Breast Implants?

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 17, 2008

You chew on gum to freshen your breath or ward off hunger pangs, but what if you could also increase your breast size? Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum is now available, an all natural supplement that costs $11.95 per package. The gum is designed to trigger breast tissue production, and the “effects are likened to a second puberty for your breasts.”

After hormones stop shifting during puberty, the chances of increased breast growth rapidly diminish. Most women experience a significant increase in breast size during pregnancy and larger breasts are often the result of weight gain. Still, those who want to enhance their breasts naturally can turn to exercise, and many health supplements promise to enhance or trigger breast tissue production.

Zoft Breast Enhancement gum promises to create larger, fuller breasts within weeks of taking the supplement. The gum is designed to be taken after meals so that the body can absorb the ingredients directly into the bloodstream with ease. The company behind the product suggest it can also help to:

  • Improve digestion
  • Relax and reduce tension
  • Improve concentration
  • Help fight tooth decay
  • Freshen breath

The ‘suggested use’ is six months, enough time needed for the body to absorb the ingredients and trigger the breast tissue production cycle. Key ingredients in Zoft include fenugreek seed extract, L-tyrosine, saw palmetto berry, black cohosh root extract, Mexican Wild Yam Root, and hops flower. Together, these ingredients and compounds can increase estrogen in the body which may result in fuller, larger breasts.

Zoft gum hopes to be a nonsurgical solution for breast enhancement, but is not supported by scientific research or clinical trials. Those who wish to pursue breast augmentation can consult with a specialist to discuss surgery that provides guaranteed results.


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