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‘America the Beautiful’ Documentary Attempts to Conquer Beauty Myth

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 6, 2008

If you’re one of the millions of Americans pursuing cosmetic or plastic surgery this year, enhancing your looks may be the result of societal pressures to be beautiful.

That’s what filmmaker Darryl Roberts says in America the Beautiful, a documentary about the long-term impact on our obsession with beauty and how plastic and cosmetic surgery play a leading role to fuel the obsessions of many. America the Beautiful opened New York City on August 1, and Roberts is primarily concerned with the effects of the beauty obsession on young girls:

“Considering the mental/emotional condition of young girls today, it’s very important to reinforce in them that they to love themselves exactly the way they are and that we all have the power to recapture our self-esteems from the advertising/beauty industries.”

Darryl Roberts’ Blog

The documenteray poses the question, ‘Is America obsessed with beauty?’ and touches upon the recent emergence of reality TV shows that promote cosmetic and plastic surgery, America’s obession with celebrities, and the rapidly growing beauty and wellness products markets that often promise the fountain of youth in a bottle.

America the Beautiful illustrates how ‘we all fall victim to the superficial social phenomenon’ imposed by society’s ideals’, and sheds some light on key issues in the modeling, beauty and fashion industry.

The documentary opened at the Cinema Village Theater on 22 East 12th Street in New York, but will also be showing in Los Angeles on August 22 and Portland, Oregon on August 29. Other key cities include Minneapolis, MN; Denver, CO; Miami, FL; and San Francisco, CA.

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