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Cannabis for Healthier Skin? Researchers Report New Findings

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 3, 2008

Acne treatments, laser skin rejuvenation and other facial enhancement procedures are common methods for treating troubled skin, but scientists are finding that endocannabinoid agents may be a more effective skincare solution.

Marijuana is already used medicinally to treat several types of diseases and ailments including Alzheimer’s, anorexia, and Tourette’s syndrome, but researchers now believe that its cannabinoid properties may also have a positive effect on the skin.

European scientists have found that the body produces a compound that is similar to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. THC has a sedating effect on the central nervous system and can slow down muscle movements and even reduce pain. Experts suggest that cannabis compounds that are naturally produced by the body can be applied topically to the skin to treat a variety of skin disorders and skin imbalances.

“This research shows that we may have something in common with the marijuana plant,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD. “Just as THC is believed to protect the marijuana plants from pathogens, our own cannabinoids may be necessary for us to maintain healthy skin and to protect us from pathogens .”



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