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Plumper Lips with VeraFil – Permanent Lip Augmentation Using Saline

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 30, 2008

Thousands of women pursue injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Artefill for plumper, fuller lips, but results usually last just a few months.

VeraFil is a saline-based lip plumping treatment that is proving to be a popular method for lip enhancement. Instead of injecting hyularonic acid or collagen into the lips, this lip augmentation treatment involves inserting an implant into the skin to create the desired volume and accentuate the lip area.

The VeraFil implants procedure is performed under light sedation, and takes only 20 – 30 minutes to perform. Dr. Stephen Pincus, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that performs the procedure at his Beverly Hills practice also iterates that most people can return to work or resume normal activities within a couple of days.

But what makes VeraFil a better choice than Restylane, or even Sculptra for lip enhancement? Dr. Hilinski, the first plastic surgeon in San Diego who performed the VeraFil lip augmentation procedure explains that “the Verafil implant is softer and more natural feeling, “ and most people will be able to see instant results. (Source:

Evera Medical, the company behind VeraFil also outlines these key benefits:

  • Quick recovery time
  • Safe materials – the same materials used in saline breast implants
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Non allergenic
  • Can be removed

For now, Verafil may be a valuable alternative for many of today’s popular lip augmentation procedures.


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