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Gum Bleaching Treatment Unveiled by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 29, 2008

Discolored gums can be the result of genetics, smoking, poor health and even a side effect of acne treatments.

However, an innovative gum bleaching treatment may be able to restore dark, pigmented gums back to a healthy pink state.  A Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist by the name of Dr. Alex Farnoosh offers these unique treatments at his office, and explains that gum bleaching is a valuable alternative to painful, and sometimes ineffective, laser surgery.  Dark gums that are treated with laser technology run the risk of damaging surrounding tissues, and can have a negative effect on existing teeth.

According to Dr. Farnoosh’s site, gum bleaching offers several benefits including:

  • Quick and effective procedure – instant results with treatments lasting less than an hour
  • Restoring confidence by improving the smile overall
  • Customized treatment to target specific areas of the gums
  • Easily integrates with other cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Little or no complications, only a brief period of sensitivity in the treatment area
  • Inexpensive procedure

Dr. Farnoosh explains how this procedure works in this video:


One Response to “Gum Bleaching Treatment Unveiled by Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist”

  1. Ms. Alison Addley said

    I just had the gum bleaching procedure 3 months ago and am very happy.

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