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Australia Cracks Down on ‘Enhanced’ Before and After Cosmetic Surgery Photos

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 27, 2008

Many physicians and medical professionals showcase before and after galleries of their work, providing clients with a sample of their skills and potential benefits of certain procedures.

Unfortunately, some cosmetic and plastic surgery practitioners are taking advantage of the opportunity to ‘sell’ their services by using PhotoShop and other image-enhancing software programs to improve the ‘after’ photos of select procedures.  Adding light effects, eliminating shadows and smoothing out figure flaws are some simple ways to embellish a photo and make results look much better than reality.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported on the growing trend of embellished before and after photos in “No More Plastic Fantastic in Ads“.  Australia’s  demands that cosmetic surgeons forego manipulating photos, and to only provide examples of real patients.  Manipulating pictures has become easier with today’s software programs and virtual plastic surgery technology, but may be considered to be false advertising – in Australia, at least.

Australia’s Medical Practice Amendment Regulation 2008 also requires surgeons to back up their claims of ‘results’ with the support of statistical data and advertising language that is understood by the average patient.


One Response to “Australia Cracks Down on ‘Enhanced’ Before and After Cosmetic Surgery Photos”

  1. that is tasteless to falsely advertise what you have done. How plastic is that?

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