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Leg Lengthening Among Top Five Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 26, 2008

Walking tall is good for the posture and can even make you look slimmer.  However, if you’re not born with long, model-like legs, leg lengthening surgery can help you gain between 2- 4 inches – without heels.

Leg Lengthening Surgery

Leg Lengthening Surgery

The leg lengthening procedure involves cutting the leg bones and repositioning them using the ‘Ilizarov’ technique, a technique that is often used to treat bone fractures.  As the body rebuilds the broken bone and tissues, the result is a few extra inches at the joints of your knees or ankles, or other fractured area.

Still, leg lengthening is painful and risky enough to have been named one of the top five cosmetic procedures to avoid, according to Dr. Richard D’Amico, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Leg lengthening procedures run the risk of a permanently fractured state, a very slow healing process and can be very painful overall.

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The procedure has traditionally been performed for those who are unhappy with their short stature and feel it would improve the quality of their lives.  The price of the procedure can range between $50,000 and $75,000, and most people will be unable to walk for 2-3 months as the body repairs itself.

Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch, the Director and Chief of Service of the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Program at the Hospital for Special Surgery, Cornell Medical Center explains the reasoning behind limb lengthening surgery in this article from the Huffington Post. The procedure is designed primarily for those of shorter stature; those considering leg lengthening purely for aesthetic purposes, leg lengthening surgery presents several risks.

The other four cosmetic procedures to avoid, according to Dr. D’Amico are:

1. LipoDissolve – injections that promise to ‘melt’ fat, but often lead to adverse side effects

2. Permanent injectable fillers – some run the risk of ‘migrating’ to non-treated areas of the face and causing permanent damage.

3. Foot surgery – runs several risks and complications

4. Buttocks implants – a high risk of infection in this area


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