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Officials Shut Down Plastic Surgery Clinics in Dubai

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 24, 2008

With the rise of medical tourism and increasing demand for cosmetic surgery overseas, more people are venturing to new plastic surgery centers in South America, the Middle East and other parts of the world where procedures are a fraction of the cost in the U.S.

All costs aside, medical ‘vacations’ present several risks for the uninformed traveler, and the recent shutdown of noteworthy plastic surgery clinics in Dubai sheds some light on the dangers associated with this trend. reports on the recent closing of several plastic surgery clinics under the radar of the Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai.  The organization is responsible for monitoring and tracking patient results of treatments at hundreds of clinics that have recently been opened in the United Arab Emirates, and are actively closing down any centers that may be operating with untrained or unsupervised surgeons, unlicensed medical professionals, or those showing a track record of unsuccessful procedures.

Potential risks for undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures overseas include:

  • Insurance may not cover complications from surgery
  • Few options for reconstructive surgery or ‘fixing’ bad plastic surgery immediately
  • Vacation activities may be compromised due to downtime from the procedure
  • Side effects may not be disclosed by unlicensed professionals or practitioners
  • Facility or equipment may be deemed unsafe by U.S. standards

2 Responses to “Officials Shut Down Plastic Surgery Clinics in Dubai”

  1. G ritchie said

    Name and Shame. Which clinics have been closed down and which are reputable?

  2. Qatar has a wide range of medical facilities, with some of the best specialist doctors in the world practicing at one of the medical departments in the al emadi hospital hospital which is private hospital in Doha .Both government and private sectors have the latest equipments and medical technology available. the young girls in Doha 20-25 years become more concerning about their body images they look for best way to keep them younger appearance even the cost of cosmetic procedures is so much expensive here (private clinics) .we had daily 3- 6 patients asking for botox or fillers in cosmetic clinic in al emadi hospital in Doha. also they asking for any updating in plastic or cosmetic surgery ,looking for the most new procedures or devices that appear in the nets or international clinics. I think this related to speed of the growth in this countery,and increase the financial ,economical powers of the people ,high standard of education status

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