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Keeping Cosmetic Surgery a Secret – Or Not?

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 22, 2008

From breast implants to liposuction, more Americans than ever before continue to pursue plastic and cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. As cosmetic enhancement becomes more acceptable, some are open to sharing their experiences with friends and coworkers – even posting pictures of results and broadcasting their recovery on a personal blog – while others prefer to keep their surgery a secret.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery surveyed both men and women about their thoughts on getting a procedure, and found that just over 55 percent of men and women are comfortable pursuing surgery, and over 75 percent would feel no guilt or shame sharing the news. (Source: recently discussed the issue in this article, indicating that sometimes it all depends where you live. West coast plastic surgery enthusiasts seem to be more open about sharing the ‘work they had done’, while those on the East Coast are likely to ‘stay mum’ about the topic.

When it’s hard to keep the surgery a secret – coworkers are bound to ask why you’re sporting bandages on your face after that facelift appointment – some cosmetic surgeons are armed with a list of ‘cover up’ statements that may reduce the anxiety about your recent ‘vacation.’ Little white lies such as getting muscle repair work after a tummy tuck, ‘women’s surgery’ for extensive weight loss or lipo treatments, or simply abdominal surgery to improve the posture and reduce back problems. And bandages on the face? You may be able to get away with an accident with the curling iron, cutting yourself shaving or a bad facial waxing treatment.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also suggests using camouflage cosmetics, special makeup and skincare products that can hide scars from incisions, improve the contours of your face if you’re experiencing swelling, and mask any bruises with ease.


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