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LipoZap Leaves Consumers in Uproar – Investigation Underway

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 9, 2008

While thousands of patients turn to ‘fat dissolving’ injections and vacuum massage to get rid of cellulite and shave off a few pounds, experts are warning against falling for today’s fat-melting promises.

LipoZap is just one of several laser lipo treatments that have left patients with undesirable results, and these patients are turning to sites such as, and to post their negative experiences – and warn others of the consequences of procedures that are not well-documented.

The original LipoZap website (the LipoZap website is now ‘under construction’ ) provided very few details of what the procedure even entailed, but a basic description indicates it is a minimally-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia and requires a rapid recovery time (Source: LipoZap).

LipoZap does offer a satisfaction guarantee, but unsatisfied patients are finding it difficult to get their money back – even after several attempts to contact LipoZap or Medical Aesthetica, the makers of LipoZap (Source: This has sparked controversy over whether LipoZap is just another ‘scam’, and angry patients are sharing their thoughts across the web.

Reports of negative results with LipoZap began circulating as early as Spring 2007, where clients such as ‘Lady2Soothe’ reported her results on the Plasmetic message boards. She describes the following experience:

“I started Lipozap Treatments Feb. 07. Lower abs, upper abs and back bra line ($2800), The nurses and tech’s are incredibly thorough, and their customer service skills are comparable to any 5 star hotel. My first treatment was to my lower abs. They did not lie. The procedure was virtually painless. However by the time I returned home 30 minutes later it was all I could do to get through the front door. When I complained I was told the first treatment is always the hardest…

It’s been almost a year (June 2007) since I had my last Lipozap Treatment. I still have lumps and nodules which frequently send out painful bee string sensations. Discoloration is still present. I still look swollen and pregnant. My skin is lumpy.”

Reports like these are encouraging patients to research their procedure and take the time to consider all of the risks and potential downside any treatment.


4 Responses to “LipoZap Leaves Consumers in Uproar – Investigation Underway”

  1. kimberly said

    i just wanted to talk to other clients that never got their refund back! I am actually considering legal actions to lipozap.

  2. Marisol said

    I called to schedule an appt. for my next treatment to find out they had closed the facility in Sherman Oaks & I was left unfinished. I had also paid for additional cellulite removal treatments & never even got started. No one called to notify me of this place closing. I too, think we should all seek legal action against Medaesthetica Medical Group Inc.

  3. Jessica said

    I tried to get a refund and was told no, and that I had to either continue treatments or try a “new” treatment of smart lipo. I called back a month later or so and they were “gone”…. no answer on the phone.

    I’d be interested in pursuing legal action too.

  4. Cindy said

    I found a blog about this scam and the lawsuit.

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