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SmoothShapes Enters Cellulite Removal Market

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 8, 2008

Over 90% of women have cellulite, and cellulite removal treatments are some of the most sought-after procedures during beach season. However, the surgical removal of fatty deposits can involve an extensive procedure – and not one that many women are prepared for.

Body sculpting and contouring procedures are becoming popular alternatives to surgery, and today’s most popular treatments include SmartLipo (laser liposuction), mesotherapy injections, and Synergie (vacuum massage) to reshape the body. SmoothShapes is another treatment that has recently entered the market.

The latest press release about SmoothShapes® being offered at ViVa Skin Care Center in Boston states that: “The SmoothShapes® treatment, when compared to conventional treatments, provides longer lasting results from dimpled and cellulite stricken skin…Many doctors have turned to SmoothShapes® out of frustration and disappointment with the same old treatments that at best yielded very temporary results. To treat the affected area the SmoothShapes® System uses a proprietary technology called Photomology™”.

ViVa Skin Care Center is offering SmoothShapes and SmartLipo treatments together to combat cellulite, ensuring that all dimples, fatty deposits and uneven skin tissues are sculpted smooth and evenly to create the desired silhouette.

Other medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers are offering SmoothShapes treatments as a simple solution for removing fat cells and reshaping the body with an innovative approach.

Here’s an overview of how SmoothShapes works:


8 Responses to “SmoothShapes Enters Cellulite Removal Market”

  1. Barbara said

    After trying everything for years, I came across VelaShape cellulite removal at French Medical Group in Elgin, IL. After four 30 minute treatments, my cellulite is a shadow of its former self. I can attest that VelaShape works and highly recommend it!

  2. Cynthia said

    SmoothShapes has far superior results on me than any other device I had tried. It’s fastest and fewer treatments too! Plus! Only one maintenance “follow-up” treatment every six months! Only one month and I am ready for bathing suit season! Yeah! Finally a laser that works on cellulite!!!!!!!!

    • tj said

      WOuld like to know how much you paid for these?
      WHy did you like it ?
      Your age , dark or light skin?

      • sueling said

        ok I am not the person you asked but I will answer..I had my treatments done In NY…westchester county. I am latin hispanic..medium toned skin and paid $2000 for 8 sessions. I liked it because i tried everything else..this was the most effective with the no problems..I was burned with velashape..endermologie was great until technology advancements.. I am 41

  3. Bethany said

    Smoothshapes laser is revolutionizing cellulite removal the way laser hair removal did in the early days. Finally they have a laser that works for the cells that cause cellulite to get worse.

  4. Jodie said

    It is much better than the velashape. velashape hurt and got too hot. I didn’t see much change either. Smoothshapes stayed the same warm temperature and never hurt or shocked me the was velashape did. Also I liked that there was not messy creme that got caked up on the machine. I always wondered if it was cleaned properly when they used it on me. I looked gross.

  5. sueling said

    I agree! I was shocked and burned with Velashape! I have a scar the size of a quarter on my inner thight that had been there for a year!! Funny, I was trying to look better in my swimsuit..instead i looked like I got burned with a cigar..It was more embarrassing than the cellulite. Smoothshapes is much better..I used to like endermologie but found the liquefying laser to make results come sooner and last longer.

  6. Terri said

    I am looking into both the Velashape II and the Smoothshapes. The Velashape is 3 times the price as Smoothshapes. I have tried Smoothshapes and received a lot of brusing. Seeing your statement scares me to try Velashape II.

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