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Stem Cells, Laser Bra and Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Future of Plastic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 5, 2008

Despite the recent economic downturn and consumer cutbacks on luxury expenditures, the future of plastic and cosmetic surgery looks bright. Analysts are already predicting over 55 million procedures performed by 2015, almost four times the number of procedures in 2005.

Innovative treatments and new technology on the horizon may make it easier than ever to go under the knife – without a single incision, in some cases.

Stem cells are a valuable source of capital for building and repairing tissues in the body, but some researchers are suggesting that stem cells may also be used in plastic surgery to create new tissue and reshape different parts of the body.

The Laser Bra is a fresh approach to breast augmentation, a procedure developed by W. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in California. Instead of adding implants on top of the chest area, this procedure involves creating an internal ‘bra’ that lifts and strengthens the chest area and removes excess tissue and fat with laser surgery for a more sculpted appearance. The LaserBra offers a new approach for reducing sagging or drooping breasts without undergoing extensive surgery.

‘Gummy Bear’ implants are a set of silicone gel implants that may be safer, more convenient option for many women interested in breast augmentation. After the FDA approved silicone implants in 2006, more plastic surgeons are offering these versatile implants to women looking for a natural, contoured look.

Laser Lipo treatments such as SmartLipo are steadily increasing in popularity as more people look for alternative to surgery for losing a few pounds or getting rid of cellulite. SmartLipo treatments can target stubborn fatty deposits and emulsify the fat; no needles or extensive surgery required.


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