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Beautiful People Earn Up to 15% More Than Average-Looking Employees

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 2, 2008

If you need a reason to justify the high price of cosmetic or plastic surgery, maybe it’s time to blame the boss.

Attractive people are more likely to get a raise, obtain higher positions within the company, and enjoy preferential treatment compared to ‘average-looking’ employees, according to psychologists and researchers who study the role of beauty in society.

While it’s natural to be attracted to those blessed with good genes, making solid business decisions based purely on stereotypes could mean many people miss important career opportunities such as promotions and even a larger paycheck. The difference in salaries could be as much as 15%, say the bloggers at The Digerati Life.

The solution? Enhance your looks with cosmetic or plastic surgery to keep up with the beautiful people and compete for those attractive positions. U.S. News reports on the value of this approach in How Plastic Surgery Can Boost Your Career. Recent studies show that more Americans are turning to plastic and cosmetic enhancements to look more attractive and take off a few years to compete with new recruits at the workplace.

Investing in your looks with cosmetic or plastic surgery could help you stay competitive, boost your performance at work –

– and even get you that raise.


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