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Botox Gives Breast Enhancement a Boost

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 28, 2008

\'Botox Breast Lift\' - Before and After

(photo courtesy of

If you’ve been thinking about breast implants or breast enhancement surgery, you may not have to settle for going under the knife just yet.

Dr. Steven Davis, a plastic surgeon in New Jersey is encouraging patients to try Botox as part of a breast lift procedure. He claims that BOTOX injections can help improve the contours of the upper chest and help push out key muscles near the shoulder blades by freezing them in place. This helps improve a patient’s posture and gives the breasts and rib cage a more balanced look (Source: MSNBC).

Dr. Tony Youn, a Michigan-based doctor who has been featured on Dr. 90210 and E! shares his insights on the issue in Botox for Breast Augmentation? is doubtful that this type of treatment is an effective way to increase breast size. Though he hasn’t performed the procedure himself, he was not impressed with the before and after photos and is concerned that the BOTOX injections could even weaken the muscles in the chest.

Breast Implants Get a Boost – Macrolane Fillers Help You Skip the Surgery also discusses breast enhancement options without surgery. With a cost of just $2,000 per treatment, it could prove to be another way to improve upper body contours without resorting to surgery.


2 Responses to “Botox Gives Breast Enhancement a Boost”

  1. As an independent patient consultant for plastic surgery, with all due respect, when I see these types of “surgery alternatives” I look at the credentials of the plastic surgeon. Dr. Davis is not certified by the ASPS (the only plastic surgery board recognized by the AMA). It is misleading to expect that a patient who needs a breast lift would get acceptable results from an injectable. I posted this on my blog on March 20, 2008.
    Come on ladies, we are smarter than the average bear. If it sounds too good to be true…

  2. […] so you can STAND UP STRAIGHT and make your breasts APPEAR larger. What??? Thank goodness not all surgeons are […]

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